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Summer School Registration  (Click for PDF Schedule and Registration)

Drawing for Star Pillows!


Parents who complete the parent/guardian survey will be entered into a drawing to win a set of star pillows.  The drawing will be held at the pow-wow next Friday, February 22.  If you have questions, please contact Crystal Redgrave at 218.665.3015.

2nd Quarter Elementary Awards!

If you didn’t receive your child’s certificate and gift card, they will be mailed to the address we have for you on file.  Have a good day!

B Honor Roll (2.7 – 3.69)  $10 gift card

Michelle Anderson 3.6         Joseph Briski  3.33

Darrin Brown Jr. 3.13          Tehya “Ikwens” Carter  3.5

Tyler Cash  3.13         Jessica Coleman  3.4

Lillie Conger  2.87          Chelsey Ducheneaux 2.97

Katrina Ducheneaux  2.93          Brooklyn Grigsby  3.64

Dylan Headbird  3.07          Dinyce Howard  3.37

Eugene Howard  3.32          Rain Headbird  3.15

Dylan Hess  3.4          Rozalina Hunt – Morris  3.64

Hunter Jackson 3.22         Nyree Jenkins  3.17

Jaydyn “Namajiins” Johnson 3.33         Jerrod Johnson 3.02

Maylyna “Memengwaa” Johnson 3.4         Dean Jourdain 3.0

Eliza Kingbird 2.84         Joshua “Makoonsigaabaw” Kingbird 2.85

Jaiden “Gidagaakoons” Lightfeather 3.2        Raine “Waasegabo” Lightfeather 2.7

Shawnee Littlewolf 3.25          Marissa Mangum 3.53

Carlito “Niiyogaabaw” Mesarina 3.45         Arnie Ogema-Bellanger 3.15

Melvin “Waabizheshii” Ogema-Bellanger 3.1          Jace Pigeon 3.2

Lance Robinson 3.02         Raine Roybal 3.1

Merinea “Bejiishkiibinesiiyens” Roybal 3.65         Benjamin Smith 3.05

Michael Tanner 3.22         Danielle Tibbets 2.71

Donavan White 3.31         Elyssia White 3.22

George White 3.22         William Wilson 3.31

A Honor Roll  (3.7 – 4.0)  $20 gift card

Josephine Makodaanis Anderson  4.0         Zinzii Banks  3.9

Mariah “Mindimooyehn” Cloud  3.8         Karina Dunn  3.75

Jalyssa Johnson 3.75          Nakaya “Ikwe” Losh  3.75

Cecelia “Ogiizhiigookwe” Meat 3.8         Ryan Randberg  3.8

Tasheen Richardson 3.73          Stuart Smith  3.72

Perfect Attendance (1 excused absence or less) $50 gift card

Alexis Anderson         Dakota Beaulieu

Alecianna Brown         Bethany Brown

Sade Brown          Selena Brown

David Downwind Jr.          Karina Dunn

Dinyce Howard          Hunter Jackson

Jaydyn “Namajiins” Johnson          Maylyna “Memengwaa” Johnson

Benjamin “Gaagobiiway” Meat          Cecelia “Ogizhiigookwe” Meat

Ryan Randberg          Tasheen Richardson

Jennie Robinson

Successful Family Fun Night!

Boozhoo gakina awiiya!  Hello everybody!

Familes, community members, and staff -

Miigwech for attending the Bugonaygeshig School Family Fun Night on Wednesday, February 13.  It was fun to see everyone enjoy themselves.  59 visitors were registered, that number does not  include the students.  Most students had more than 1-2 guests, so that means there were well over 110 guests! Yay!

We had many activities to participate in such as “Fun with Chocolate and Fruit,” where 85 students and their visitors made chocolate covered covered strawberries and bananas.  More guests stayed occupied by participating in  valentine crafts, parent/teacher conferences, drawings, and the Elementary 2nd Quarter Award Ceremony.

One more important note:  Crystal Redgrave, our curriculum writer, conducted parent/guardian surveys.   This survey allows our students’ parents and guardians to voice their opinions regarding our Leech Lake Tribal School.  Historically, our ancestors were forced to relinquish their rights to decide the way our Anishinaabe children were being raised.  In honor of our ancestors, who lived before us and those who will live after us:  we all work together to make the right decisions for a bright future of our people.  Miigwech for your support in doing so.

Bugonaygeshig Closed – Monday, Feb. 11!

The Bugonaygeshig School campus will be covered in 5 – 13 inches of snow tonight.  There is a winter storm warning, which is now in effect until 6 am CST Monday, February 11.  The location of this snow storm encompasses all limits of our bus routes.  For the safety of our students and staff, the Bugonaygeshig School will be closed on Monday, February , 11.

*There will be a FULL day of school on Friday, February 15 for students and staff to start making up for snow days. 

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CONGRATS Elementary Students!!!

The Elementary math students achieved impressive gains on their MAP testing this week. Each teacher and student put in a great amount of work to reach this success! WAY TO GO Silver Eagles!!!


The school board meeting has been rescheduled for next Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Elders Culture & Language Committee Formation

The Elders Committee is responsible for reforming Indian Education by establishing goals along with a plan to meet these goals.  In time, everyday practices in the school will be built on these fundamental elements.  The primary charge of Elders Committee is to examine the demands of a multi-cultural and global world and determine what skills and knowledge are needed for their grandchildren to have in order to be Anishinabeg.

The Elders Committee will make recommendations to the Ojibwe Culture and Language Program (OLCP) Committee for the approval of the Ojibwe Goals 2030.  The school board is responsible for final adoption of reformation. The Curriculum Writer, under the direction of the Niiganne Director, will facilitate the Elders Committee.

Committee Responsibilities

  1. Set the vision.
  2. Establish “Belief” statement.
  3. Set program goals.
  4.  Establish a cultural-based curriculum framework
  • Identify major concepts and specific competencies and
  • Identify cultural appropriate instructional strategies and assessments.
  1. Create cultural standards.

Membership and Term

Members will consist of 14 members.  Members will serve a 2 year term.  This process will be held May of each year.  Representatives may serve multiple terms.

  1. Members must be at least 55 years.
  2. Members must be a member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe or married into Leech Lake tribe with decedents.


The Committee meets quarterly (January, March , August, and November).

Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig School

Elder Committee Membership Application

The Bug-Nay-Ge-Shig Culture staff will make the selection of a 14 member Elders Culture & Language Committee on February 15, 2013.  The selected elders will meet 4 times per year.  Each member will receive $175.00 per meeting for the 2012/2013- 2013/2014 school years.

If you are interested in being part of this committee, please complete the application and mail it to:

Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig School

Attention Crystal Redgrave

15353 Silver Eagle Dr NW

Bena, MN 56626


Please provide the following:

Full Name          ______________________________________

Telephone Number___________________________________

Email Address   ______________________________________

City/State Residence __________________________________

Age  _________ (For the Elders Culture & Language Committee, elders must be at least 55 years of age; no exceptions).

1.  Tell us about yourself (you may include tribal affiliation, clan membership, family, background, significant life experiences, interests, etc…). 



2.  Why do you want to serve on this committee?