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      • Current Job Openings
      • ELDER

This position is responsible for speaking Ojibwe and providing assistance to the Culture Department and Ojibwe Language classes as needed.  Will assist in advising the Culture Department as needed.  Speak Ojibwe as much as possible with students.  Assist in Ojibwe, routine class activities.  Assist in ensuring the classroom instruction and objectives.  Encourages and supports new ideas and approaches to learning the Ojibwe language.  

Must be fluent in Ojibwemowin.  Knowledge of seasonal activities.  Ability to work closely and effectively with small children.  Must successfully pass State and Federal Background checks.  Must have a favorable suitability determination via a Background Investigation.


Responsible for providing academic and behavioral support to the High School Ojibwe Language Classes. Ensure adequate classroom coverage. Encourages students completion of daily assignments. Photocopies books, documents, and other materials as requested. Encourages students to take responsibility for themselves. Provides one-on-one academic assistance to students when appropriate. Collaborates with supervising teacher and regular education instructional staff in coordinating class scheduling. Maintains confidentiality mandated by regulations and policy. Attends student and staff meetings when requested.

Completion of at least two years of study at an institution of higher education; obtained an associate’s or higher degree (AA, AS, 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits); or met a rigorous standard for quality demonstrated through a formal assessment, designed for this purpose, of the state in which the school is located. Two years’ experience in an educational setting preferred. High degree of patience.  Familiarity and sensitivity to American Indian cultural values, lifestyles and traditions.


To ensure that students who experience difficulty mastering the proficient or advanced levels of the State student academic achievement standards are provided with effective, additional assistance.  Facilitate instruction based on current Math/ Reading research while encouraging Ojibwe culture and language into the classrooms.   Model instructional strategies in classrooms. Evaluate academic needs in Math/ Reading. Assist and collaborate with educators to analyze data. Use assessment data to assist with placement of students in appropriate instructional or intervention programs. Lead faculty in the selection and use of assessment tools. Conduct regular meetings with classroom teachers to examine student work and monitor progress. Provide individual diagnostic testing, when requested. Work with the Curriculum Team to determine the school’s strengths and needs for improvement. Assist teachers with planning, sequencing, and scaffolding of instruction. Participate in teams reviews concerning academic progress of at-risk students. Attend scheduled meetings and partake in family conferences. Provide in-service training and follow up coaching to assist classroom teachers in the use of Math/ Reading strategies in their classrooms. Work with teachers individually and in collaborative teams. Observe and provide feedback to teachers on instruction related to Math/ Reading. Continue professional growth and strengthen professional teaching knowledge, skills, and strategies through ongoing program of trainings. Maintain a collection of professional materials related to Math/ Reading which reflect current research, especially research that pertains to culturally relevant pedagogy. Provide staff development for teachers, volunteers, parents/ guardians, paras, administrators, and other staff as needed. Encourage culturally relevant pedagogy in Math/ Reading. Maintain and submit accurate, complete, and correct records and reports to administrator. Facilitate or serve as a member on the curriculum team and school committees. Work to promote productive relationships with and among school staff. Attend and participating in all required meetings. Uphold school rules, administrative regulations, and Board policies. Interpret the school’s Math/ Reading program for staff, parents, and members of the community. Publicize the school’s Math/ Reading program.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. Must have current Minnesota licensure in teaching area. Must have deep knowledge of mathematics content. Outstanding presentation and facilitation skills. High degree of interpersonal skills. Strong organizational skills preferred. Three years’ experience in a classroom setting minimum. High degree of patience. Familiarity and sensitivity to American Indian cultural values, lifestyles and traditions.


To provide outreach education and case management assistance to at-risk youth, and employ a variety of outreach strategies to accomplish program goals in the four county area. Reports to the Truancy Prevention Coordinator during the school year.  Makes client referrals to appropriate programs and services. Assist families and schools to obtain complete action plans for students. Will communicate with school personnel, student, families, community agencies and resources the progress of case management. Provides classroom assistance for special education students to monitor student attendance and academic performance. Completes special projects and other duties as assigned. Display promotional materials in the four county areas and distribute enrollment packets to perspective new students. Provide Daily log and parent or organization contact sheet to the principal at the end of every week.

Two-year associate degree in the education field preferred; a minimum of high school diploma or equivalent required. Two years experience working with at-risk youth preferred. Must have excellent organizational, public relations and communication skills. Must be a self-starter. Experience with personal computer data, software programs and office equipment. Ability to travel; must have MN driver’s license, current insurance or be insurable. Ability to maintain positive, effective relationships with all contacts of the school. Excellent, documented attendance and punctuality required.

      • BUS DRIVER

Responsible for safely transporting students to and from school, and / or activities on a daily basis. Drives bus along designated route, picking up and dropping off students, according to established schedule. Ensures a safe, healthy and orderly environment for students while transporting. Reports (writes-up) any student who does not follow the rules of the bus. Performs pre-trip checks prior to leaving on every trip. Sweeps out interior and maintains bus cleanliness. Completes work orders as needed and promptly reports all mechanical difficulties. May be requested to provide assistance in other school operations such as; kitchen, lunchroom, teacher aid, hall monitor, cultural activities, etc. Completes special projects and other duties as assigned.

Must have a valid Minnesota Class D and completion of the Class B written test and willing to obtain Class B license within 60-days of employment. CPR and basic first aid certification is preferred. Mandated reporter. High degree of patience, dependability, and punctuality. Ability to maintain positive, effective relationships with all contacts of the school. Sensitivity to the unique needs of American Indian children and families. Flexible, patient with a good sense of humor.


Responsible for fulfilling the duties of the regular classroom teacher during his/her absence.  Bachelor of Science degree in education preferred; must have a valid Minnesota teaching license.  Familiarity with Native American cultural values, traditions, and lifestyles.  Sensitivity to the unique needs of Native American children and families.  Flexible, patient, with a good sense of humor.  High degree of professional ethics.


This position is responsible for fulfilling the duties of the regular duties of the Ojibwe Language / Culture teacher in his/her absence.   A Bachelor’s degree in Education with emphasis in Anishinabe Studies preferred.  Must have a valid Minnesota teaching license in American Indian Language and Culture.  Must have minimal verbal and written Ojibwe language fluency.  Sensitivity to the unique needs of American Indian children and families.  Flexible, patient, with a good sense of humor.  High degree of professional ethics.

All certified positions require current MN licensure in their respective areas.  All classified positions require a minimum of a high school diploma or a GED.  In accordance with PL 101-630 all positions require a favorable suitability determination via a Background Investigation.  Drug/Alcohol test and State and Federal Background checks will also be conducted.  Applications may also be obtained by calling Human Resources at 1-800-265-5576.

Detailed job descriptions available upon request.

To apply, submit application and resume with three (3) references, credentials, transcripts and licensure certificate to:

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